XI Annual International Conference Cross-Border Cooperation: The Russian Federation, The European Union And Norway

In the modern world it is impossible to build their prosperity without cooperation with your neighbours. That is why cross-border cooperation between Russia, the European Union and Norway, even in the face of sanctions continues to grow and develop. Cross-border cooperation in this difficult political environment contributes to pragmatic, mutually beneficial relations which contribute to the rise of welfare and mutual understanding .
Based on its ten-year experience of establishing dialogue between the parties Annual International Conference "Cross-border cooperation: the Russian Federation, the European Union and Norway" (hereinafter the Conference) is playing one of the key roles in this process.
The first conference cycle from 2005 to 2014 was marked by many positive changes in cross-border cooperation: new mechanisms of cooperation have developed, agreements on co-financing of ENPI programs was signed , considerable experience has been accumulated .
Since 2016 a new cycle begins for the Conference, the first event of the new cycle will take place in Petrozavodsk (the Republic of Karelia) on 25th of November and it will be devoted to discussing the results of the latest completed projects in the framework of the ENPI programs, large infrastructure projects of common interest for Russia and neighbouring EU countries, new opportunities in the next round of programmes ENI 2014-2020.
The materials published on the basis of the results of the Conference are submitted to the authorities of all levels and public organisations in order to form a national and regional policy in the interregional cooperation.

Key issues of the Conference:

  • The main difficulties in the development of cross-border cooperation among Russia, the European Union and Norway 
  • Result of the last projects in the framework of 2007-2013 period
  • The main aspects of functioning of cross-border cooperation programmes. New period. 
  • Development and implementation of project ideas: theory and practice
  • Experience of CBC for the Megaregion "From Lisbon to Vladivostok"





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