Launched in 2011, meeting "The Baltic Sea Region: from planning to common actions" laid a foundation for a completely new approach to regional cooperation around the Baltic Sea, based on multi-level and cross-sectoral expertise and broad interaction. This approach allowed to start the synchronization process of strategic efforts of Russia and the European Union in the Baltic Sea region. In the wake of this process, the working group "Khan Slyunyaev" was launched, the group has identified five priority areas of cooperation. The next step in this direction is a perspective for Russia's participation in the Programme INTERREG "Baltic Sea Region" 2014-2020 as an equal partner.
This situation leads to the need to discuss and reflect on the prospects and possibilities of a new stage of cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. The V anniversary conference "The Baltic Sea Region: from planning to common action" being held for this purpose. The event is aimed at enhancing cooperation, identifying possible new directions, not only for the authorities of the regional and federal level, but also for ordinary participants cooperation, implementing joint projects. This year will focus on the role of the Kaliningrad region in cooperation and the role of cooperation in the development of the Kaliningrad region.
The participants of the conference will also audit experience of cooperation in the Baltic Sea Regionin order to find the ways this experience can be used to develop cooperation in other macro- and megaregions, particularly for mega "from Lisbon to Vladivostok."
The event will bring together key stakeholders in cooperation in various fields and at different levels to discuss the most pressing issues of development and strengthening of interaction in a complex political environment, the creation of synergies and the potential for the use of the common implementation of joint projects of cross-border and transnational cooperation.



Date: Septemver 23d, 2016

Venue: Kaliningrad, Museum of the World Ocean, Petra Velikogo emb 1. 


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